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Crowdfunding What-NOT-to-do Lessons Learned

Unless you are making a Veronica Mars movie, if you’re a filmmaker and about to embark on a crowdfunding campaign to fuel your dreams – or you’re being the campaign manager for a friend’s campaign, etc. – you are likely doing it for free. I’m sure somewhere out there, people have managed to find lucrative ways to make a business out of this crowdfunding stuff, simply because, as I have often said in prior posts, the playing field is nothing like it was even 5 years ago.

I spent several months managing the campaign for a film I was coproducing, and it was literally a labour of love. I threw myself into it, heart and soul. It was my life for a while. Read the previous few posts if you don’t already know what happened afterwards.

Here are some of my sadder take-aways from this campaign.

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Using fraud to defraud?

In the business of law, while someone’s word may very well mean nothing, the words used are of paramount importance. They should be. Why do you think there are restrictions on misrepresentation in say, advertising? Why do you think there are often pages of definitions prefacing contracts and statutes? Hell, if you go the Linguistic route, words are evidence of thought and in and of themselves create thought.
Do I think the Filmmaker and Platform will ever be taken to task? No.

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Crowdfunding Considerations Part 1

Image (c) Thrinacia, taken from blog post at: I thought I’d take this opportunity, as I ease into looking at specific crowdfunding platforms, to consolidate my lessons and observations thus … Continue reading

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Caveat Artifex: A Crowdfunding Cautionary Tale (Part 2)

(Skip right to the end if you just want the “lessons learned”) (If you missed the first part, CLICK HERE.) * All views expressed in this piece are my own, and … Continue reading

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Caveat Artifex: A Crowdfunding Cautionary Tale (Part 1)

This Platform had been highly recommended to the Filmmaker by a friend and fellow filmmaker. I was concerned because this Platform, although it appeared artist friendly, was still new and in my view, untested. The Filmmaker cited prior success for the friend and it was a done decision.

In terms of threshold, the Platform was in between Kickstarter and Indiegogo; a campaign was deemed to be successful and would flow funds when a threshold percentage was met. Fees were a little lower than Kickstarter. I read through the Terms of Service and everything seemed reasonable and satisfactory.

The operative, magic word here is “seemed”.

Spoiler alert: contract battle!

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This Diva’s Directorial Debut (Lessons/Musings)

So I finally grew a pair of lady balls and did it.  Directed a film – a short film, and one I had written.  You have to understand, never in … Continue reading

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Bloodied Banana

So here’s the thing. More than one person reacted – when I told them I was going to play some “demon” (term is used loosely) – with, “I can’t see you as a demon.” Just like that. Serious.

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